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Safety is Priority #1 for JT SplatMaster

Understanding and practicing guidelines and rules for handling product and engaging in game play will keep everyone safe and happy. Take the time to read and understand all cautions, warnings, and operating manuals before using any JT SplatMaster gear or accessory.

In the videos below find out that:

  • Following a few simple safety guidelines will keep you and everyone around you safe. Have fun AND always keep safety top of mind.
  • JT SplatMaster is NOT a toy, and safety MUST always be used whenever handling the product. JT SplatMaster is intended for ages 9+, and kids under 18 require adult or parental supervision, especially in the beginning when your SplatMasters are learning the basics of safety and safe shooting.
  • To become an elite SplatMaster, you need to master target shooting and running obstacles. Run smoothly through the obstacles, set your position, bring your SplatMaster to eye level, keep both eyes open, look down the sight – Splat Marks the Spot!
  • Playing combat against your friends is fun – we know it, and you know it. There is nothing like making that perfect shot and getting your opponent out! But, before you take it to the field, make sure you and all those around you are following a few basic safety rules.
  • You can enjoy hours of fun as long as you follow a few simple rules.
  • You should ALWAYS wear JT SplatMaster Optix Goggle when handling or playing JT SplatMaster. This includes any person within range of the shooting area. When playing combat, full face/ear protection with the addition of JT Optix Upgrade is required for player vs. player play and any person within range.