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Kids Videos Gameplay

Check out the top videos posted by fellow SplatMasters!

  1. Videos with different JT Splatmaster game formats:
  2. Race to the first prone position and hit the target – then race to the next and do the same.
  3. In this game – it’s a race to see who can hit the bulls-eye first!
  4. In this video you’ll see how to practice snap shooting from behind a bunker.
  5. Having mastered the safety rules, and spent time practicing your skills, you are now ready to take it to the competition and show them what you’ve got! In this section we outline a few fun games to get you started, but make variations, create your own…be creative. Get in the Game!
  6. This is a race to see who can hit the target first!
  7. Here is the second round of head-to-head action with two energetic SplatMasters.
  8. Target pracitce with birdies and balls with the z200 SplatMaster Shotgun!
  9. New SplatMasters practice their player vs player skills in a head-to-head competition.
  10. Practicing marksman accuracy with the JT SplatMasters and frisbees.
  11. The Army Crawl is a fun, race obstacle designed for one or more players. The competitor starts and races around an obstacle, army crawls under two brooms set on chairs, around one more obstacle and finishes by shooting three of the six Target Tree targets.
  12. High Stepper is a competition of target shots, obstacle course and exercise all built into one fun event! This is another race competition where players start by hitting three of the Target Tree targets, then running around the target, crawling through an open box, then high stepping it over three cones.
  13. Shoot Around requires players to use their cover to hide behind while successfully taking out three targets.
  14. Playing combat against your friends is fun – we know it, and you know it. There is nothing like making that perfect shot and getting your opponent out! But, before you take it to the field, make sure you and all those around you are following a few basic safety rules.
  15. The Zig Zag is a head-to-head race where players run through a set of obstacles and then race to see who can hit three of the Target Tree targets the fastest! All players start at the starting line and race a Zig Zag around each obstacle to the firing position.
  16. Once you get the basics of shooting down, you’ll be ready to get your game into action. Hold your SplatMaster steady, bring to eye level, look down the sight, and follow the target – Splat Marks the Spot! With practice, you’ll be running and shooting like a Pro in no time!
  17. The Sharp Shooter is one of the most difficult race games.
  18. Race to be the first to complete the Air Strike competition.
  19. Double Trouble is another race type competition, where each player runs a small course and hits two different targets.